Life of a housewife

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Last sunday I was at a party. A lot of people never knew anyone, talking with fellow people not talking  too much. I met two young girls, which in China spent a few years at the end of the language had so the question that always, on the bank, works and provokes endless discussion. “Do you have Ayi?” And this is the key word. Always produces a lot of conflicting emotions and clearly provokes discussion, is this an ACE with a sleeve, the theme of the placeholder when exhausted already about the weather and air pollution levels. The theme without barriers to gender and age, because … every one of us, or has had, or is not going to have a Ayi.

But who is Ayi? A person who knows our habit, the contents of our drawers, cabinets, the organisation of life in your household. Ayi is in other words just to clean up. Service of cleaning ladies are not expensive in China, so use both Chinese and living in Shanghai foreigners. Information from Shanghai Daily with in the Shanghai is about 500,000 people engaged in cleaning.

The way in which clean up and makes that I am convinced that the concept of purity is in China “bit” distant from my expectations. These differences, it is an inexhaustible source of discussion. When you run out of topics to chat, you can always say, “you know what my Ayi has done today…” and provoked discussion! Remember how at the beginning of the stay in China surprised me why after a stay in the apartment with water taps And twisted are always in the direction of the cold water. I realized soon that simply for cleaning do not use hot water here. The same rag to the floor and furniture? Standard!

Once I returned home, and was a complete shock. And with pride and a smile told me that put in a laundry! In China the washing machine for hot water are new,. And threw the so to the washing machine everything was dirty. Things colored, black and white.

Well, that’s right. The right word would be rather to establish that poukrywa them. Is so very creative, that sometimes I spend several days searching for stuff that I use every day. To avoid stress in the day when it comes And, before going out to work, quickly wash utensils, drought and everything I put it on the right place, even if I and was late for work. And cleans up only the “market”. On a table, desk vacuuming only this surface, which is empty, so before her coming I try to hide unwanted items to your vacuuming embraced as the largest area. And also has his own way of stacking pillows on the sofa. Every time after its existence pillows are exposed along the back, and I every time I’m translating them on both sides of the couch. So we have fun.

At the beginning of the hiring And I told her that from time to time I would like her to ask for help with washing the Windows. Strange then, face contorted in more misunderstanding will pass. Well, the Chinese do not have the habit of washing the Windows. Alternatively, will open the way a little, but only as far as overtake. Windows in some buildings in general are not suitable for washing, because they are not operable. In general do not have the concept of washing plastic window frames. In the end, I decided that this responsibility rests on me

To avoid all these cultural differences, a lot of people at the beginning of training your Ayi. Excellent list, duties, form a complex cleaning standards. And often shake their heads pretending to be understanding, then, and so clean up after your marveling at the idiotic wymysłom of their employers.

I think sometimes that our cleaning ladies, when you return to the houses, also with the fascination of strange customs in the homes of foreigners. Probably the sides break telling about segregation, a complex system of cloth for floors, furniture, dish-washing liquids, with terracotta floors, wood, etc. And come often from small towns, from distant provinces and the same clash of a large city is a challenge for them, not to mention conflicts with employers.. Between March housewife may request the assistance of volunteer psychologists, who by there are always a few hours a day by phone and advise solutions to the problems with employers, which relate mainly to the customs and standards. And faced with family conflicts, which, by virtue of living away from home must solve.