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Turn Back The Clock And Make Your Home Look Completely Vintage

If you buy a new house these days they will be kitted out with the latest look. That’s great if you like that sort of thing. Style has evolved over time and now it’s just a given that you will want your house to look like that. But what if you don’t? What if you don’t want your house to look the exact same as every single one in your neighborhood? There is absolutely no reason you should.

Some people love the past. They want their house to look old. This isn’t a step backwards. It’s a great idea to have your house looking like something from the past because things go full circle of cheap steampunk items from China. How many times do you see fashion styles from our history making a massive comeback? Vintage is on the rise. Here’s some things you can do to give it characteristics of something much older.

Aged floors                                                                 

One of the nicest things you can do to add a bit of history to your home is to lay some aged wooden floors. They will cost a bit more than your normal funky carpets, but there’s nothing like the feeling of walking around the house thinking you’ve went back in time to victorian times.

Old bricks

Instead of using concrete for things like garden paths and house steps, you can use old fashioned bricks with lime mortar. It’s going to look great to anyone walking up to your front door. Just source the perfect bricks before you get to work and to have this industrial steampunk look.

Retro appliances

Add some retro appliances to your collection. They didn’t have dish washers in those days, but they did have beautiful stoves and steam kettles. A few of these things will make your home look great. They are pretty easy to find on the Internet these days.

Lovely old doors

Modern doors look average at best. There is nothing special about them. Old doors have an amazing charm. They will impress anyone who comes to your house. Install an old fashioned door number as well to complete the steampunk look.

Bathroom plumbing

Imagine soaking in a big old fashioned bathtub. It feels great. New bathtubs are small and shallow, whereas older bathtubs are big and deep. Once you include a vintage shower and sink it will completely transform the look of your bathroom.

Bedroom storage

Modern wardrobes and drawers look like they were all bought from the same Ikea store. If you go for old ones they all have a unique look because of the lovely wood that’s used. Sometimes they can be expensive, but you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some if you look hard enough.

Antique lighting

Way back in the olden times they would lighten up rooms using candles or kerosene lamps. You don’t have to go that far back. You could pick up some nice iron chandeliers to hang from the ceiling. It gives that extra touch of class and fashion you’re looking for.

Use lots of wood

You can’t use enough wood if you want your home to look old. Things like chairs and couches should have wooden frames. Even the windows should be made from wood and left in their natural color. Don’t go painting them white or blue.